§1. General points

  1. The 17th Bialystok International Medical Congress for Young Scientists, hereinafter called the 17thBIMC, is a Congress during which students of Medical Universities present their scientific achievements.
  2. The 17thBIMC will be held on the 26th-28th of May 2023 stationary in Białystok.
  3. The Organizer of the 17thBIMC is the Organizing Committee composed of the Board of Students’ Scientific Society of the Medical University of Bialystok and members of the Committee appointed by the Board.
  4. Students of all years and courses and also PhD students studying medical fields may participate in the 17thBIMC.
  5. For PhD students, a separate session is provided.
  6. During the 17thBIMC the following scientific sessions will be held:
    1. Basic Sciences
    2. Cardiology
    3. Interdisciplinary
    4. Internal Diseases
    5. Gynecology and Obstetrics
    6. Public Health and Pharmacy
    7. Anesthesiology and Surgery
    8. Orthopedics
    9. Pediatrics
    10. Neurology and Psychiatry
    11. Allergology and Dermatology
    12. PhD
    13. Case Reports

*The number of sessions may change depending on the number of submitted papers.

  1. At least 5 papers must be submitted to hold the session. In case of 4 or fewer papers are reported, the Organizing Committee will decide to move these papers to another session.
  2. English is the official language of the 17thBIMC.

§2. Terms of papers qualification

  1. To be an active participant, you must submit your abstract by April 5th 2023, until 23:59. Extensions may apply.
  2. To submit your abstract register by clicking on bimc.umb.edu.pl then Participation->Register. There you must register and submit your abstract.
  3. One person (active participant) may submit a maximum of 2 abstracts. In case of several applications for the same group of sessions, only one will be accepted.
  4. Only students should be listed as authors of the paper. Tutors shall not be listed as authors.
  5. The person listed as the first author must be presenting author.
  6. The maximum number of authors per paper is 3 for Case Reports, 5 for Original Research. 
  7. The abstract cannot contain tables, graphs or drawings.
  8. Limits for the whole abstract is 250 words. Papers with more words will not be accepted.
  9. The Research paper abstract should consist of 5 parts: (250 words)
    4. RESULTS
  10. The Case Report Session abstract should consist of 3 parts: (250 words)
  11. Abstracts violating the regulations will be strictly rejected.
  12. The Organizing Committee, together with the Tutor of the Students’ Scientific Society of the Medical University of Bialystok appoints the Qualification Commission, which qualifies the papers submitted to the 17thBIMC.
  13. An upper limit of reported papers is 20 papers for each session.
  14. The authors of the scientific papers will be informed about the acceptance or rejection of the paper through an email, no later than April 25th 2023.
  15. The commission’s decision to accept or reject the work is final.
  16. Review papers and non-medical papers will not be accepted.
  17. From one email only one abstract can be submitted. To submit another abstract you should use another email account.
  18. The presentations which are not independent work of authors and come from published before doctoral or habilitation thesis will not be judged. The decision of rejection will be made by the Jury be simple majority. The decision will be non-claimable.

§3. Registration fees

  1. There is only one form of the registration fee payment: a money transfer to a bank account of the Students’ Scientific Society of the Medical University of Bialystok. Payment must be in PLN currency.
  2. In the title of the payment the participant should write “17 BIMC, participant’s Name and Surname”, e.g. “17 BIMC, John Smith”
  3. Each participant is required to pay the registration fee and submit a proof of payment to e-mail: 17thbimc@gmail.com no later than April 30th 2023, until 23:59
  4. Resignation from participation in the Congress is possible only through a resignation declaration sent via e-mail.
  5. Refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

§4. Principles of papers presentation

  1. The only acceptable form of paper presentation is an oral presentation in English.
  2. The authors are obliged to prepare a multimedia presentation in English.
  3. Presentations should be delivered to the emaiil 17thbimc@gmail.com no later than May 10th 2023 in a .pdf format. Please prepare your presentation in a format that can be operated by Microsoft Windows. We do not take any responsibility for technical difficulties that may arise due to incompatibility. The presentation cannot exceed 20 MB.
  4. First slide should contain names of the authors, the title of the work, name of the tutor and name of the Students Scientific Group.
  5. The paper will be presented by the first author.
  6. Presentations will be held according to the timetable set by the Organizing Committee.
  7. The timetable of the presentation of papers will be published on the website www.bimc.umb.edu.pl no later than seven days before the 17thBIMC.
  8. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the timetable. Registered participants will be informed of any changes regularly.
  9. The oral presentation of the Research paper may last no longer than 7 minutes, the discussion no longer than 3 minutes!
  10. The oral presentation of the Case Report may last no longer than 5 minutes,  the discussion no longer than 2 minutes!
  11. The discussion will be held in English.
  12. All the paper authors (co-authors registered as passive participants) have the right to participate in the discussion.
  13. The person who leads the session has the right to stop the presentation or discussion in case of exceeding the allotted time.
  14. The person presenting the paper on the 17thBIMC (active participant) receives a PDF Presentation Certificate (one certificate for one paper), and each passive participant receives a Certificate of Participation.

§5. Principles of papers evaluations

  1. The Organizing Committee together with the tutor of the Students’ Scientific Society of the Medical University of Bialystok will appoint the Jury that evaluates the presented papers.
  2. The papers will be judged by a Jury consisting of acknowledged specialists in the particular field.
  3. The evaluation of the Jury is ultimate and undisputable.
  4. The authors of the best works will be awarded prizes and awards.
  5. The jury chooses from the presented works the best works according to the following rules:
    • three best papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) and 2 distinctions if the number of papers in the session will be less than 17 and no more than 20;
    • three best papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) and 1 distinction if the number of papers in the session will be less than 14 and no more than 16;
    • three best papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) if the number of papers in this session will be no less than 9 and no more than 13;
    • two best papers (1st place, 2nd place) if the number of papers in this session will be no less than 6 and no more than 8;
    • one best paper (1st place) if  the number of papers in this session will be 5;
    • the PhD session three best papers will be awarded (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place).
  6. The winners of each session will be announced during the Congress resume, 27th May 2023, after all the sessions will be finished.
  7. The authors can receive the award until 30th June 2023. After this date, the prizes will pass to the Organising Committee.
  8. The award can be received personally or sent via Poczta Polska at the expense of the Organising Committee.
  9. Personally receiving the award can be done by one of the authors of the work or persons with written authorisation signed by one’s of the work authors, after the prior e-mail consultation of the date.

§6. Final points

  1. The 17thBIMC Organizing Committee reserves the right to use all pictures taken during the Congress for purposes such as publishing on the 17thBIMC website, Facebook, and Instagram fanpage and preparation of promotional materials. Participants of 17thBIMC grant permission to the Organizing Committee to use their image for the above-mentioned purposes.
  2. The Organizing Committee with the Tutor are to resolve the points of disagreement, not regulated by this Regulation.
  3. The participant of the Congress by submitting an abstract to the 17thBIMC, consents to the processing of all data given during the registration of the scientific paper for the purposes of the Congress Organizing Committee tasks, for a preparation of the book of abstracts, publishing the abstracts and results of the competition on the Students’ Scientific Society’s Website and Congress Website.
  4. The participants agree to revel their personal data and results on a website STN UMB (http://stn.umb.edu.pl) and (Bialystok International Medical Congress), to unpaid record, re-use and dissemination of these data and self-image via online transmission. The Participants agree to publish a video from the Conference on YouTube platform, signed with their name and surname for promotional, advertising, or educational purposes. The Participants declare that materials recorded during the Conference does not
    infringe on their assets. The present consent is not limited in time or restricted by region and concerns any materialsfrom the Conference. The image may be used in various electronic forms of activities without obligation to accept the final product.
  5. The application to the 17thBIMC constitutes acceptance of these Regulations.

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